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Discover the simplest and most joyful way to exhale and move possibilities back into your life and work!

The Laughter Consultants

Business Services

We offer a variety of positive, possibilities-focused and highly participative employee enrichment programs that teach people and teams how to naturally diffuse stress, unleash positivity and optimize well-being. Our programs are fast-acting, anchored in science and provide measurable results.

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Laughter Wellness

Leading Edge

We’re the creators of the Laughter Wellness method, a complete and fast-acting well-being program designed to spark laughter and arouse pleasant feelings and positive energies, while improving people‚Äôs health and quality of life. Laughter Wellness is currently practiced in over 72 countries, and counting.

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Laughter Online University

Laughter Education

We offer professional laughter education, coaching, and certifications through the Laughter Online University, the world’s #1 online training and resource center on how to use laughter and everything that comes with it as a wellness and overall well-being modality, at home and at work.

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American School Of Laughter Yoga

Social Enterprise

We played a major role in introducing Laughter Therapy in North America, Russia and other countries, and have directly inspired the creation of 100s of community Laughter Clubs worldwide.

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Laughter Community

We’ve been organizing the All America Laughter UnConference since 2006. This is a unique annual event where people from all over North America and beyond get together to explore the current frontiers of knowledge on Laughter Therapy.

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